Chicagoland class starts January 9! • Online class begins January 12! 

Cookies on the Lower Shelf, Old Testament is a two-part, 20-week study that will help you get a grip on the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Malachi! If you're ready to read (or listen!) to the whole thing, it will equip you to do that. If you're looking for the highlight reel to help you understand the basic flow, it will flex to meet you there, too. This study will give you a foundation in God's Word that most people today—even people in the Church—are missing . . . and we'll apply what we're learning every step of the way!

There's no cost for the online component of the class, but for the most benefit you'll want to purchase the workbooks from Precept Ministries International or through Amazon. When you purchase directly from Precept, your money goes back into ministry and we are grateful for your support in that way. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas, however, you will likely need to take advantage of Amazon's shipping options. 


Register to study online or in person!

Immanuel registration opens on 12/19. Seating capacity is limited. 


Invite your friends in person, via Facebook, Instagram, text . . . or go old school and pick up the phone! If you've had trouble reading through the Bible before, a key change you can make it to travel this road with others!


Share a sample of the study by downloading the Week One PDF.