God's Cliff Notes to the Bible

Don't you hate being out of the loop? Let's face it, being late to the party is uncomfortable and when getting up to speed means catching up on a Book that's over 2,000—yes 2,000—pages in length the thought of even starting can be overwhelming, especially when there are parts of it that are known to be tough! Sometimes we'd rather throw in the towel from the get-go instead of trying and failing—at least we win the in the efficiency game, right?

Friends, God has given us a gift in the 11th chapter of Hebrews! Most people call it the faith chapter, and that's not a bad title. What I call it, though, is God's Cliff Notes (kids, that's Spark Notes, to you!) to the Bible. It's a one-chapter highlight reel of the Old Testament in particular and points right on through to what God does in the New Testament. 

The Bible is a lifetime book, I'm not going to tell you that you can master it in six weeks. In six weeks, though, using Hebrews 11 as your guide, you can get the basics of what you need for a lifetime of pursuing God through His Word! 

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