We were looking for a conference speaker that could be counted on to take our women into the Word of God and Pam delivered. She will leave you craving more...
— Choya Bielenberg, Onawa, Iowa
I absolutely love Pam.
Pam’s down to earth personality comes through in everything she teaches. Deep material is not only covered from an intellectual position but also deeply personal, with a mission to apply it to our daily lives. In conversations and in lectures, she has the same single-minded focus: glorify God in all things. She’s super friendly, easy to talk to and sincere. We’ve had her speak for our women’s retreat three times and plan on having her back again. Plan on your Bibles being opened and her message to come directly from Scripture.
— Sandy McDonald, Precept Upon Precept Bible Study Leader, Big Lake, Alaska
This Spring, our church spear headed an Interdenominational Women’s Bible study. We chose Pam’s “No Worries” study and it was a HUGE blessing. We loved doing this type of FLEX study because it accommodated our busy lifestyles regarding study time. This is a study that sticks with you for life! Many of us women are still talking about the impact this study has made in our lives as we go through life’s challenges to NOT worry. In the “No Worries” study God’s Word cut to the core of our hearts. We are forever grateful for how God used Pam, to extract the jewels from scripture, to transform our lives to be WORRY free! To Him be glory, honor and praise!
— Gwen Hashimura, Calvary Chapel Kauai, Precept Volunteer Trainer
Pam Gillaspie is a gifted Bible instructor. She not only teaches God’s Word in a down-to-earth, understandable way, but passionately desires to help women learn to study it for themselves. She is personable, fun and encouraging. The women of our church loved the “Sweeter than Chocolate” day we had with Pam.
— Pam Adams, Burlington Baptist Church, Burlington, Iowa

In the fall of 2016, my nest is going to be empty! Now, "empty" is relative of course, but our daughter will be headed off to college and I'm going to have some time on my hands! There is nothing that I'd rather do with that time than tell people about God's Word!

If you're looking for a speaker for your retreat, conference, convention or other event who will bring God's Word straight out of His Book in an engaging and relevant way (hey, God's Word is always relevant!), I would love to talk to you. If my schedule is full, I'd like to help you find someone else who will suit the needs of your group and event. 

I know that no church or organization is the same and that different groups have different budgets and constraints, so I am flexible to work with you. Seriously. My only fixed costs are travel expenses. By travel expenses, I mean the airline ticket and baggage fees (unless I can fly Delta where they're included!) or mileage if I'm driving. I won't tag my Starbucks at the airport on you and you won't have to wonder what other expenses may be trickling in from me. They won't.

If you're thinking about hosting an event and would like more information, drop me a note. I'm also happy to provide references if you'd like to talk with people I've spoken for before. 

Hope to hear from you soon! I am not looking forward to this empty nest deal! 

pam :)

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