Plan Your Next Ministry Event Without the Stress!

Planning a retreat, a conference, or other event where you've been tasked with "finding the speaker" can be downright frightening! After all, speakers are one of the last remaining boxes you can't check off with second-day delivery via Amazon Prime!

The concerns are real:
• Where do I find a speaker?
• How do I find the right speaker?
• Will incidentals run up the cost?

Choose peace of mind for your next conference or retreat

With Pam, you're not booking a talk-and-disappear phantom, you're inviting a ministry partner, a 24-7 servant who reaches out to build relationships not only during your event, but prior to it as well!


THINK ABOUT IT . . . This year you can choose to enjoy your retreat or event and be refreshed yourself! With Pam, you'll have a partner helping to carry the load, not just speaking, but engaging with your women where they're at—over coffee, over meals, over games, or wherever they congregate. 

Savvy retreat and event planners know that when they've booked Pam Gillaspie, they have more than a "speaker." They have a partner who will work with their people, within their budget, and will point people to the Word of God and the God of the Word. 

A Biblical Studies graduate of Wheaton College, Pam has over 25 years ministry experience and authors Precept Ministries International's Sweeter than Chocolate!® and Cookies on the Lower Shelf® Bible study series. She has spoken to audiences from Maine to Hawaii and from Alaska to Florida! 

Wondering if Pam is available on the date of your event? Just ask! 

There are no obligations that come with the form, it’s just the start of a conversation.

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Biblical • Flexible • Accessible • Easy to Work With 

We were looking for a conference speaker that could be counted on to take our women into the Word of God and Pam delivered. She will leave you craving more...
— Choya Bielenberg, Onawa, Iowa