Lesson One—Catching Up and Catching On

Hebrews 11 . . . The Cliff Notes (or Spark notes if you're a kid!) to the Bible

The Bible's a big book. There's no getting around that. Still, God has graciously dropped summary passages throughout His Word that help us to remember where we've been and what has happened! They also help us get up to speed on some of the things we may not have read or studied yet! Among those passages, Hebrews 11 is my favorite . . . and it's a great passage to memorize if you're into that kind of thing! ;) 

As we get our class time kicked off today, here are a couple of questions to get us going:

What are you hoping to gain from this Bible study?

Are you bringing any concerns to this study? If so what?

Looking forward to seeing you online this week!


pam :)