Lesson Nine—Acts . . . The "Cruise" to Rome

Thanks for Flexing with Me this Week!

Thanks so much for flexing with me this week! The way I usually flex when I'm on vacation is to simply take my camera with me and cut videos wherever I happen to be. This past week was a little different. It was the first time our extended family has had vacation all together in five years, so I thought the wise way to flex this time around was to post a few days late. I thank you so much for your understanding. 

Since I'm already late to the party, let's get the discussion under way!

How have you seen yourself equipped to do God's work through your study of Scripture?

What has been your biggest take away from your study this week? How is what you've learned changing the way you think and act?

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We're so close to the end of our time together! I'm praying that you finish strong!

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pam :)