Lesson Seven—The Adventures of Elijah and Elisha

Jeroboam • Ahab • Jehu . . . Breathe!

I know. The kings of Israel and Judah can be confusing, but you're going to be okay! Stick with the big picture and keep adding on to what you know little by little, precept upon precept! For now, focus on Jeroboam, Ahab, and Jehu as the kings to remember from the northern kingdom of Israel. Sound good? You can do this!

This week, let's keep the discussion going strong with these questions to get us started:

In what ways can you learn to specifically guard your thinking so you won't find yourself curled up under a juniper tree asking God to kill you?

What was the biggest lesson you learned from Elijah's life?

What did you learn from your study of the lives of Ahab and Jezebel?

What remaining questions did you have on this week's text?

Looking forward to your voice in the discussion this week!

Love ya,

pam :)