Lesson Five—1 Kings . . . The Beginning of the End

A Wise Man and a Foolish Decision

There is nothing more tragic than a man set up to succeed who still fails miserably. Scripture tells us without reservation that Solomon was the wisest man ever to live and yet at the end of his life, his wives turned his heart away from God. Such tragedy and yet such hope. Turns out it's not just you and me who can't work or think or reason our way to righteousness. Even with every leg-up available, Solomon couldn't fulfill God's promise to David of an heir who would sit on his throne forever—that would take Someone far greater than Solomon, Someone who would forever bridge the gulf between a holy God and His fallen creation. 

As we move to our questions this week, let's start off by talking about this Someone!

Where have you seen the Gospel and the need for the Gospel throughout the pages of the Old Testament so far?

What do you think is the greatest threat to our hearts today? How do you think we can see the red flags as they show up in our lives?

Considering the lives of both David and Solomon, how do you think community played a role in their respective outcomes, particularly the ability of other people to speak into their lives? How do they compare? What lessons may there be in that for us?

Remember, you can answer any or all of the questions! If you're not comfortable answering, why not at least participate by leaving a word of encouragement for someone who did answer! Sound good?!

Many blessings!

pam :)