Lesson Ten—Captivity, Return, and the Future

Who is this Son of David?!

Cliffhangers. We love them and we hate them. Usually, they involve fiction, but the Old Testament of the Bible leaves readers with a doozy! After reporting God's promise of an enduring throne for David, the Old Testament closes without answer the question: Who is the Son of David to come? The people of Judah have returned to rebuild the temple and the walls of Jerusalem but there is no king on the throne. None. There is no visible path to a throne, much less and eternal throne or kingdom. There is just the question: Who is this One who was promised? All of the sudden Matthew's opening genealogy makes so much more sense! But that is another discussion for another day . . . 

This week, let's start with these questions as we close this portion of our study:

•  What are the most significant things you have learned about God during our time in the Old Testament? What difference is it making in your life?

•  How would you respond to a person who thinks the God of the Old Testament is different from the God of the New Testament?

•  What has been your biggest takeaway from studying the Old Testament?

•  Are you bringing a friend along for Cookies New Testament?

Looking forward to finishing strong and starting next week on Cookies New Testament!


pam :)