Welcome to Cookies on the Lower Shelf!


Welcome to Cookies on the Lower Shelf, Old Testament! I'm excited to be studying the Word of God with you over the next several weeks! The sooner you feel comfortable with the technology, the easier this already easy process is going to be. So today, take a few minutes to watch the video and respond to the questions below.

• What's your name?

• Where are you from?

• Tell us a little something about yourself. (If you're a Millennial, let us know that, too!)

 Remember, you're going to interact with the posts of another person or two, also! Maybe you'll notice someone who lives near you. Let them know! Maybe you'll find a fellow Chicago Cubs fan (like me!), reach out! Maybe you have some questions for my Precept Millennial friends about the summer camps. Don't be shy . . . ask! 

If you're still waiting for your book to arrive, you can get started on your study by downloading the Week One PDF. Remember, if you do have any trouble ordering through Precept, send them an email at info@precept.org or call them direct at 1-800-763-8280.

Finally, if you're interested in a discussion group that meets live weekly to help you stay more accountable, I'll be sending some more information on that this week! There are so many ways we can encourage one another in God's Word!


pam :)