Week Six—A Long Walk with a Difficult People

Living as a Practical Atheist

God forgive me! I'm like the Israelites on a bad day! They saw firsthand the mighty acts of God and His faithfulness to them . . . they got thirsty and they forgot! How often do I do the very same thing? Maybe you do, too. But friends, there is hope! Let's talk about it!

What ways do you succumb to practical atheism?

What Scripture can you use to fight against this in your life?

What has been your biggest take-away from your study this week?

I look forward to hearing from you on the blog! And I really hope you'll call my friend Nikki at Precept at (800) 763-8280 and tell her that you'd like to help support the Equip Boot Camp!

Keep running my friends, the finish line is in sight!


pam :)