A 13-Minute Intro to Inductive Study

Slow Down . . . Find the One Meaning . . . Do It!

As we set out on our journey through Ephesians, we'll be studying the Bible inductively. For some of you, inductive Bible study is an old friend. Studying inductively is as natural as breathing. For others, you've tried it but find it overwhelming. You're thinking "Isn't it enough to read the text? Now I have to ask questions, look for key words, pay attention to time phrases, see all the comparisons, etc. etc. etc.? Will it never end?" Still others are now thinking, "What on earth have I gotten myself into?!"

As I explain in the video, inductive study simply means we use the Bible as our primary source when we study it. We actually open it up and read it. As we do, we:

Observe the text asking "What does the text say?"

Interpret the text asking "What does the text mean?"

Apply the text asking "How can I apply the meaning of the text in my life?"

If you're easily overwhelmed, stick with what I've explained to you in the video. If you'd like more step-by-step help, download this simple Guide to Inductive Bible Study from Precept Ministries International. You'll need to go through Precept's website, but the guide is free. 

If you haven't received your workbook yet, download the Lesson One PDF so you can get started now!

Thanks so much for being on this journey! Looking forward to digging into the Word with you!


pam :)