Week Six — Presumption and the Path to Worry

It’s sweet to spend time with friends!

This week I’ve been in Chattanooga serving as a teacher for the Equip Boot Camp for teens at Precept Ministries International. Since Jan lives in the area, we had the opportunity to catch up with each other in person and to cut this week’s video together! 

I’m still on duty here at Boot Camp and the campers are going to be ready to roll again soon, so I’m going to get right to the discussion questions and the links we promised. 

Here are the discussion questions . . . 

Where has God-confidence versus self-confidence made a difference in your life? Where have you seen that work?

When is a time that you’ve acted in self-confidence alone and how did that work for you?

What passage of Scripture has God shown you that will keep you from self-confidence and focused on God-confidence?

What is the biggest way that God is changing how you think and act based on the truths that you’ve learned in this study?

Here are the links . . . 

The Savvy Conference — October 15 — Wheaton, IL


Equip Boot Camp Blog

Equip Boot Camp Info Page

Jan and I are hoping that you'll be joining us on the blog this week AND at the Savvy Conference this fall!


pam :)