Week Three — It Only Works if God is Sovereign

If I told you I understand God’s sovereignty, I’d be lying to you.

My finite mind can’t explain how God can be sovereign and I can still have choice and responsibility, but the Bible teaches both are true so I accept it. I submit to it. But understand it? No. 

That said, I also don’t understand how to put a man on the moon. Is it possible? Yes. Did it happen? Of course. Can I explain the science and engineering behind it? Not in a million years. 

Do you see the point? Just because a truth exceeds the ability of my finite mind to understand or explain doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. All it means is that I don’t have enough capacity to understand, but I can still accept the truth and order my life around it.

I’m actually glad that God exceeds my ability to fully understand Him. Really, if we could totally explain Him, what kind of a God would He be?! I’m done fighting against His sovereignty and am finally enjoying the peace of submission! How about you?

Let talk about it with these questions from Jan . . .  

List your greatest worry, then write out how sovereign God is over the situation.
If you have doubts about God’s sovereignty over a situation, write them down.
What specific Scripture gives you comfort in regard to the particular problem that you have?
Are you choosing to believe God’s sovereignty? If you are, tell us!

Next week we’ll continue to look at God’s sovereignty as we study the following Scriptures: Isaiah 44–45, 1 Samuel 23:1-14, Psalm 139, 2 Kings 20:1-6, John 11:32-45.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!