Pregame Session#2 — What is Inductive Study?

Using the Bible to Study the Bible

It may seem obvious, but apparently it's not. Using the Bible as the primary source in studying the Bible is not as common as you might think. Often instead of reading and studying God's Word directly we get our biblical "knowledge" from secondary sources like commentaries, tradition, and other well-meaning people. Inductive study will help you discover truth for yourself! 

I'd love for you to weigh in on the blog today and respond to the appropriate question for you:

If you've learned through inductive Bible study in the past, tell us how God has impacted your life through it.

If inductive study has been hard for you in the past, what has been challenging about it? What hang-ups or issues do you need a little help overcoming?

I'll have some giving information for Boot Camp next week. I sure hope you'll make that a matter of prayer. 

So eager to start the discussion!


pam :)