22-Lesson Six: Resh, verses 153-160

The Resh Stanza, Psalm 119:153–160

We're so close to the finish line—just two more stanzas to go! Do you know what though? Every time you come back to Psalm 119, God will still have truth to show you that you didn't see this time around! I love that we will never run out of God's life-giving Word! No matter how long we dig, no matter how deep we go, we will never exhaust it!

Here are our starter discussion questions for today:

What's your #hastag for the Resh stanza and why?

• What was your biggest takeaway this week and how is this truth changing the way you think and act?

What is your favorite online Bible study tool?

Looking forward to discussing God's Word with you today!


pam :)

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