24-Lesson Six: Tav, verses 169-176

The Tav Stanza, Psalm 119:169–176

We've made it through the twenty-two magnificent stanzas of Psalm 119—a psalm that paints a vivid and textured picture of what God's Word is and does!

As we think back together over the stanzas, I hope you'll take the time to compile a list of your #hashtags for each of the stanzas and then respond to the following questions:

What is your #hashtag for the Tav stanza? What is the biggest truth you learned in this stanza and how is it changing the way you think and act?

Are you going to be joining me for Romans 8, Mindset: Learning and Living the Will of God? If not, what is your next step with God?

What has been your biggest takeaway from Psalm 119 as a whole? Can you summarize it into one or two sentence? 

Here's that Boot Camp link I promised! Thank you in advance for supporting this critical work!


pam :)