Lesson One: Where are You Building?

God's Truth Illustrated!

The book of Proverbs shows us what life looks like when lived God's way and the train wreck that happens when God's way is rejected. It displays picture after picture of life built on the the rock of God's Word and contrasts it with life built on the sand of man's ways.

Here are some questions to kick off our discussion today of Proverbs 1 . . . 

How would you summarize Proverbs 1 in one sentence? In one #hashtag?

What truth from Proverbs 1 did you most need to hear and apply this week? How are you doing at applying it?

Remember, you can answer as many or as few questions as you'd like, but you'll get more out of the class if you go ahead and jump in with both feet! Also, take some time to make a friend by commenting on at least one or two of your classmate's posts!

For those of you who want a little more accountability, I've included links below for our two live discussion classes with Bev Schlomann and for the February 8 Webinar with Jan and me. 

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Looking forward to chatting with you on the blog this week!


pam :)