Lesson Six: The Proverbs of Solomon

"Why Am I Talking?" and Other Ways to Apply the Proverbs!

WIth so many individual proverbs filling chapters 10–17, I'm excited to hear where God has been meeting you through His Word this week! So let's start discussing!

What proverb or proverbs stood out to you most this week and why?

How would you summarize this section of Proverbs? You can do this chapter-by-chapter or give a title to the whole section or sub-sections. Be sure to include the #hashtags. 

How has God been changing the way you think and act so far through your study of Proverbs?

I want to apologize for not getting the podcasts going yet. It's a new animal for me and, honestly, I need to get over my techno-fear and just do it. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!


pam :)