Week Five—Love Isn't . . .

Pull Up the Drawbridge

Instead of letting yourself be provoked, learn to pull up your drawbridge! In this week's video, Jan Silvious gives the basics of dealing honorably and not allowing yourself to be provoked when a difficult person—a biblical fool—comes knocking! Here's the link to her book for more details on living a provocation-free life:

Fool-Proofing Your Life

Here are some discussion questions to get us going:

Do you think you struggle with jealousy, arrogance, or provocation?

If so, what triggers do you notice that tend to set you off?

What truths from God's Word have helped (or what truths do you think could help) you respond better?

What has been your biggest takeaway or application point so far?

What, if any, follow-up questions do you have for Jan?

We're just over the halfway mark in our study together. This is a time when many people start to fall off or fall behind. I'm praying that 1 Corinthians 13 will be very "sticky" and that each of you will persevere to the end! Keep posting whether you're "current" or running your own pace, okay?!

Finally, don't miss the info on the Transform Student Conferences that I've posted below! As a parent, I highly recommend them both!


pam :)