Week Six—Love Doesn't . . .


First Corinthians 13 keeps coming at me. Just about the time I'm making progress in one area, I start seeing other places that need more submission to the Spirit's work in my life. Still, I am encouraged and I hope you are, too. God's love for you and me is such that He will not leave us unchanged. He will empower us to live with kindness and patience, free of jealousy, arrogance, and bragging. After all, He is conforming us day by day to be more like Jesus Christ!

Here are a couple of questions to get our discussion started:

How are you showing love in an unrighteous world without rejoicing in unrighteousness?

What is your biggest takeaway so far?

We're getting close to our final goal . . . I'm praying that you will finish strong!


pam :)