Week Three — #Nothing

Don't Give Back Evil Instead Give God Room

I know it makes me a full-fledged Bible nerd, but give me some fun Greek going on in a text ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! This week Paul's repeated use of different forms of didomi  ("I give") in Romans 12 caught my eye. I talk about it in the video, but in case you want to see the Greek words in play for yourself I've included them for you below along with some simple points to remember how to respond properly when evil comes our way. 

—Don't give back (apodidomi) evil for evil.
—Instead give (didomi) room for the wrath of God.
—The Lord will give back (antapodidomi) proper justice.

Here are a few questions to get our discussion going:

What is a specific way that you can show devotion in brotherly love to someone in the body this week?

When was a time that someone did that for you? How did it effect you?

What has been your biggest take-away so far?

So looking forward to our discussion online this week!