Week Two — Hidden Treasures

Resist or Submit?

When the Word of God comes into close proximity with rough edges in our lives, something has to give. Either we back away from the Word and rationalize our behavior, leaving our soul calloused or we submit and are changed by it. Rarely, of course, does it appear that simple but, in the end, it is one or the other. We're either moving towards God or away from Him. Hiding His Word in our hearts is one way we can submit ourselves to God's work in our lives as we actively meditate on His Truth.

So here are the questions to get our discussion started this week:

• What Scripture have you memorized that has significantly changed how you think and act?

• How do you go about memorizing?

• If you have memorized, what encouragement would you give to someone about why memorizing is beneficial?

If you haven't memorized, please still jump in and let us know what you've been learning this week! Remember, the questions are just a jumping off point for discussion. 

Loved the great Week 1 discussion and looking forward to continuing it this week! 



p.s. I am behind on my email, please know that I should be getting to it in the next day or two. Thanks for understanding!