A Quick Word of Encouragement!

Overwhelmed? Don't Be!

Halfway through anything can be tough. Halfway through the New Testament during the summer is no different! It's not that the Word isn't living and active, it's not that you don't have the desire to follow, it's just . . . well, sometimes life piles on. Schedules get out of control, basements flood (that's what's been happening in my part of the country this past week), work calls, family calls, everything else screams for our attention. And when you're in something for 10 weeks, it's easy to lose resolve to spend quiet time with God when the stuff of life is yelling. Today . . . resist the yelling and pursue God through His Word. Tomorrow . . . by the power of the Holy Spirit, do the same.

If you have a second or two to spare after that, would love to hear from you on these questions . . . 

How are you doing on your study?

What have been your biggest challenges?

How can you encourage someone today as they walk with God in His Word?

Looking forward to your voice on the blog today!


pam :)