Lesson Six—The Mission Trips Begin

From Antioch to . . . Antioch?

If you have a hard time keeping track of Paul's travels, well, join the club! The different cities (two "Antiochs"? Come on!) and different traveling companions can pose a challenge for us as we try to keep track of where Paul is, who his primary audience is, and who's along for the ride. Don't panic and don't sweat! Simply make your pens your allies and use them wisely to help you follow the action! 

Here are our discussion questions to get us started this week:

Compare how Paul presents the Gospel to a Jewish audience versus how he presents to a Gentile audience. What can you learn from this to apply in your life? 

What character did you most relate to in this section of Acts? Why? What did you learn that you can apply?

What has been the biggest thing that you've learned about God in this section of Scripture?

Haven't posted anything yet? I think this is your week! Looking forward to a great discussion!


pam :)