Lesson Seven—Acts . . . To Ephesus and Beyond!

If you're "in Christ" You have everything!

Can you stand it? We're already on Week 7 if you started in Cookies, NT and on Week . . . wait for it . . . 27 if you started all the way back in Cookies, Part 1! I'm so grateful for you being here and continuing on this journey through God's Word! This week, we'll focus our discussion on the book of Ephesians:

What was the most compelling truth you learned about the character of God in Ephesians 1–3? What other takeaways did you have regarding core truths of the faith addressed in these chapters?

In the application chapters, Ephesians 4–6, what impacted you the most? What was your big takeaway?

How is the Word of God changing the way you think and act?

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Looking forward to a great week of discussing God's Word together!


pam :)