Week Nine—The Secret to Victorious Living

The Rescue Mission

Sure, the walls of Jericho are coming down, but not before God saves out from the city those who will honor Him as holy. We've seen it before, haven't we? If there had been even ten righteous in the whole city of Sodom, God said He would have spared everyone for the sake of the ten. Even in the midst of widespread judgment, God seeks and saves the lost. With that thought in mind, let's get started with our discussion . . . 

What have you learned about God in the book of Joshua?

What's your take on the Gibeonites? Remember to draw your view from Scripture and kindly respect any views that differ from yours. :)

Which character from the book of Joshua most impacted you? How is this changing the way you think and act? 

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Looking forward to seeing you on the blog soon . . . let's talk Gibeon! 


pam :)