Week Ten—How Not to Live

If you don't know God, you will do evil

After victory upon victory in the book of Joshua, the book of Judges chronicles a continuing cycle of rebellion and defeat. Although Isreal was clearly instructed in Deuteronomy 6 to love God and to impart His truth to their children, shortly after arriving in the Promised Land, a generation arises that doesn't know the LORD. Still, even in the midst of rebellion and judgment God always preserves a faithful remnant. This historical timeframe that records Samson's base behavior also showcases righteous Boaz! Let's talk about it!

What was your biggest takeaway from reading the book of Ruth? Do you know who Ruth's other famous mother-in-law was?

Who was the most interesting judge that you studied this week? What was your biggest takeaway from studying that particular judge?


What has been your biggest takeaway from the study so far? What is most changing the way you think and act?

Looking forward to seeing you on the blog soon! I'll be sending more information and a sign up for Cookies, Part 2 shortly!


pam :)