Week Eight—Love Remains

Build Bridges, Don't Burn Them

As I post this final video for our study, my prayer is that you will finish strong and stick around to encourage others to do the same! We're living in difficult days but God is still on the throne and He calls us to be His ambassadors in this world. We are to build bridges, not burn them.

Even if you haven't jumped on the blog yet, there is still time to start by responding to today's discussion questions:

Which description of love is becoming most evident in your life and why do you think that is?

What are your next steps in your pursuit of God through His Word?

Here are the links I promised you:

Leader Guide

Partner with Precept

Hope to see you online soon!


pam :) 

Week Seven—Love Does

What Does It Say? What Does It Mean?

If we're honest, usually we have more trouble applying Scripture than we do interpreting it. I know what James means when he talks about the tongue, but living it out is more difficult.

Sometimes, though, what seems obvious in Scripture takes a little more work. When Paul says "Love believes all things," logic alone tells us he doesn't mean that love believes lies. When we engage in the work of interpreting Scripture, we do the work of hermeneutics. I'm sorry to pull that 50¢ word out here, but as I was listening back to the video I realized that I used it without defining it. Simply put, hermeneutics is the art and science of interpreting Scripture. You do it all the time without even realizing it as you go about the business of inductive Bible study!

Without further ado, let's get to our starter discussion questions:

How are you doing at living a life of love, but also a life of discernment and wisdom?
Does that pose a challenge to you? If so, how?
How is 1 Corinthians 13 changing the way you think and act?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


pam :) 

Week Six—Love Doesn't . . .


First Corinthians 13 keeps coming at me. Just about the time I'm making progress in one area, I start seeing other places that need more submission to the Spirit's work in my life. Still, I am encouraged and I hope you are, too. God's love for you and me is such that He will not leave us unchanged. He will empower us to live with kindness and patience, free of jealousy, arrogance, and bragging. After all, He is conforming us day by day to be more like Jesus Christ!

Here are a couple of questions to get our discussion started:

How are you showing love in an unrighteous world without rejoicing in unrighteousness?

What is your biggest takeaway so far?

We're getting close to our final goal . . . I'm praying that you will finish strong!


pam :)

Week Five—Love Isn't . . .

Pull Up the Drawbridge

Instead of letting yourself be provoked, learn to pull up your drawbridge! In this week's video, Jan Silvious gives the basics of dealing honorably and not allowing yourself to be provoked when a difficult person—a biblical fool—comes knocking! Here's the link to her book for more details on living a provocation-free life:

Fool-Proofing Your Life

Here are some discussion questions to get us going:

Do you think you struggle with jealousy, arrogance, or provocation?

If so, what triggers do you notice that tend to set you off?

What truths from God's Word have helped (or what truths do you think could help) you respond better?

What has been your biggest takeaway or application point so far?

What, if any, follow-up questions do you have for Jan?

We're just over the halfway mark in our study together. This is a time when many people start to fall off or fall behind. I'm praying that 1 Corinthians 13 will be very "sticky" and that each of you will persevere to the end! Keep posting whether you're "current" or running your own pace, okay?!

Finally, don't miss the info on the Transform Student Conferences that I've posted below! As a parent, I highly recommend them both!


pam :) 

Week Four—Love Is . . .

Quick, Slow, Slow

Love is patient, love is kind! Simple words but enough to work on for a lifetime, don't you think? As I mention in the video, there are three words from the book of James that I'm finding very helpful . . . Quick. Slow. Slow. As James says, "But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger;  for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God." Easier said than done, but still possible because it is the Spirit who empowers us to obey!

Well, here are a couple of questions to get our discussion going:

What has been your been your biggest takeaway? What truth has most resonated with you? What truth is most changing how you think and act?

What is your biggest ongoing challenge in learning how to love like Jesus?

I look forward to seeing you all online this week! Next week, Jan Silvious will be joining me for the video and we'll discuss how we walk in love when difficult people are involved!


pam :) 



Week Three — #Nothing

Don't Give Back Evil Instead Give God Room

I know it makes me a full-fledged Bible nerd, but give me some fun Greek going on in a text ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! This week Paul's repeated use of different forms of didomi  ("I give") in Romans 12 caught my eye. I talk about it in the video, but in case you want to see the Greek words in play for yourself I've included them for you below along with some simple points to remember how to respond properly when evil comes our way. 

—Don't give back (apodidomi) evil for evil.
—Instead give (didomi) room for the wrath of God.
—The Lord will give back (antapodidomi) proper justice.

Here are a few questions to get our discussion going:

What is a specific way that you can show devotion in brotherly love to someone in the body this week?

When was a time that someone did that for you? How did it effect you?

What has been your biggest take-away so far?

So looking forward to our discussion online this week!



Week Two — Hidden Treasures

Resist or Submit?

When the Word of God comes into close proximity with rough edges in our lives, something has to give. Either we back away from the Word and rationalize our behavior, leaving our soul calloused or we submit and are changed by it. Rarely, of course, does it appear that simple but, in the end, it is one or the other. We're either moving towards God or away from Him. Hiding His Word in our hearts is one way we can submit ourselves to God's work in our lives as we actively meditate on His Truth.

So here are the questions to get our discussion started this week:

• What Scripture have you memorized that has significantly changed how you think and act?

• How do you go about memorizing?

• If you have memorized, what encouragement would you give to someone about why memorizing is beneficial?

If you haven't memorized, please still jump in and let us know what you've been learning this week! Remember, the questions are just a jumping off point for discussion. 

Loved the great Week 1 discussion and looking forward to continuing it this week! 



p.s. I am behind on my email, please know that I should be getting to it in the next day or two. Thanks for understanding!



Week One — Building Up in a World that Tears Down

Gifted to Serve, Empowered to Love

"I have been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live. Yet not I, but Christ lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself over on my behalf." —Galatians 2:20

As I shared with you in the video, I am so thrilled to be on this journey with you! God has been using 1 Corinthians 13 in my life in a significant way this past year and I'm eager to walk with you through it. I hope that you'll jump right in this first week on the blog and interact with the following questions:

What is your name and where are you from? Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

What do you think will be the most challenging thing about learning to love like Jesus loves?

Once you've answered the questions, take a minute to comment on someone else's response. Maybe you'll find someone from the same part of the country as you. Perhaps you'll want to chime in to talk with someone who is facing similar challenges. Don't be shy! Go ahead and encourage someone and make some new friends! I know it seems strange, but over time we really do get to know one another although we live in different parts of the country and the world. 

I'll be checking in on the blog throughout the day and you may also see my friend Mary Ann welcoming you—she is like a right arm to me and helps me with the blog studies as well as my local studies at church. 

So looking forward to hearing from you!


pam :)